Malta API - Advance Passenger Information

Advance Passenger Information (also called API or APIS) is information required by many airlines prior to the date of travel. Airlines are required to provide API (Advanced Passenger Information) details before travel to Border Control and Security authorities to allow them to make routine identity checks on passengers before arrival. 

The information will be sent to the appropriate government agencies.
We must have API details for all passengers with a flight included in the booking. We ask that these are supplied to us prior to travel. We request that these details are provided as soon as possible as late provision of API may delay us from sending your travel documentation. You can supply this information by calling or logging in to your booking, on our website, by clicking the ‘My Booking’ tab. You can supply API by completing the fields for each passenger on your booking. If your travel date is within 10 days, you must call us with the API.
You will need to supply APIS information from the travel document (usually passport) that you intend to use for travel to your destination. Please ensure that the travel document is valid. The information required is:
  • First name and Surname (as shown in your passport or travel document)
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Travel Document Type (Passport or ID card)
  • Travel Document Number
  • Travel Document Country of Issue
  • Travel Document Issue Date
  • Travel Document Expiry Date
  • Nationality
Failure to provide API information may result in you being unable to travel.
To supply APIS information, please go to: Manage MY Booking