Easter Sunday in Malta 2022

Date & Time 17th Apr, 2022

Easter parades itself in a happier and celebratory mood. The Statue of the Risen Christ denotes the last act of the Passion of the Christ - Christ triumphant over death. This time all will rejoice to the commemoration that ‘Christ is risen from the Dead'. The tradition commands that children carry their Easter pastry (figolla) to be blessed by the statue of the Risen Christ. Easter is a demarcation line in the calendar of Malta's seasonal calendar as it announces the start of spring. 

Although there is a very religious side to Easter in Malta, it is also celebrated with lots of fun. An assortment of bright and expressive processions through the streets and even friendlier and joyful atmosphere than normal. A lot like the tradition in the UK it is time spent with family with a Sunday lunch and not forgetting those Easter Eggs for the children along with the native figolla.