Christmas Day

Malta & Gozo
Date & Time 25th Dec, 2021

Christmas is a greatly celebrated festivity in Malta and Gozo, both for its religious meaning as well as in its more social aspect. The season is celebrated to its fullest on the Maltese Islands, with the active participation of many; Nativity scenes, displays of cribs, carol services and other events.

For a very special, spiritual evening, join the congregation at St. John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta for candlelit carol singing. Other Baroque parish churches across the Islands are just as splendid during advent. Their interiors are decked out in papal crimson and altars are adorned with flowers. All churches have a calendar of events, ranging from the procession of Mary and Joseph, to streets with groups of children carol singing.

Cribs are everywhere, from private houses to small chapels. Visiting cribs is a popular activity at Christmas time and many locals spend time going round touring the various ‘presepju' displays. Some are very creative and extravagant, with figures moving around mechanically and a degree of detail that comes from hours of meticulous work by dedicated craftsmen.

Most Restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs all over the island have their own entertainment, giving the choice of lots to see and do.