Malta Carnival 2022

Malta & Gozo
Date & Time 25th Feb, 2022

Carnival Malta is 5 days of complete madness, bright colours, competitions, events and fun. Carnival is right before the start of Lent. It starts off on a Friday and goes on till Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday. Malta Carnival 2022 will be celebrated between the 25th February 2022 and 1st March 2022, the festivities always take place 7 weeks before Easter Sunday. Some children may even have a couple of days off from school because families head for Valletta which bursts with parades, music, floats and bright coloured costumes.

Nowadays, Carnival is marked by a competition of colourful, gigantic floats accompanied by parades of dancers dressed up in grotesque masks and costumes. The main parades are held in Valletta and Floriana.

Many young people gather in Nadur (a small village in Gozo) during the weekend. Carnival in Nadur takes on a diverse aspect of merriment from the one celebrated in Valletta. Carnival in Nadur is not televised and religious institutions often protest about the events that take place in this small village. However, Carnival in Nadur is not organised by any committee but is just a spontaneous get-together of people.          

All around the Maltese Islands there are various balls and many of the Villages have their own carnival celebrations. 
***Dates to be confirmed due to Covid restrictions